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Package Deals
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Package Deals:  Rent any moonbounce at regular price and get $50 discount when adding the rental of the Basketball unit or Sumo Suits or receive a $10 discount when adding any concession item!  Discount only applies when additional items are rented along with a bounce unit for the same function, on the same day.  The rental of a bounce DOES NOT entitle you to a discount on  a future rental of the Basketball unit, Sumo Suit unit, or concession.
So, you can rent any one of these at regular price...
mypics/Inflatable-M-121.jpg mypics/wetdry5.jpg  mypics/combo4.jpg  mypics/combo3.jpgmypics/smileybounce.jpg  mypics/mbpic.jpg   mypics/bounce51.jpg   mypics/bounce71.jpg   mypics/bounce11.jpg

  mypics/dolslide2.jpg mypics/modcom2.jpg   mypics/GetAttachment.jpg   mypics/obst1.jpg   mypics/fire4.jpg
And receive....
mypics/basketball.jpgOR mypics/sumo.jpg  At $50 discount!!
OR $10 off of any concession!!

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